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Taste of Italy...(Cooking Series)

Here are the recipes for this virtual class. Join me on Sunday, June 28 at 6pm on Instagram Live!

You will need a pasta machine. If you have the kitchen aid attachment we can use that too. Find a pasta machine on for $28. You will love this little machine.

Chicken & Shrimp Alfredo

1qt Heavy Cream

16oz + 2 oz Shredded Parmesan Cheese

1-2tbls Lemon Pepper (to taste)

1 Lemon Zested

1-2tbls Minced Garlic (to taste)

2 Grilled/Pan Seared Chicken Breast

1/2lb Medium tail off Shrimp

1 c Frozen Broccoli (at room temp)

2tbls Cornstarch + 2 tbls Water= Slurry

Method of Preperation

Grill/Pan Sear chicken set aside, rinse frozen broccoli, set aside

Bring Heavy Cream to medium boil and whisk Parmesan cheese until fully incorporated

Next add seasonings and let sauce simmer. It should be thickening up at this point. Check sauce consistency by using a spoon and dip it into the sauce. If you can take your finger and slide down back of the spoon and sauce completely separates its ready. If not you can add the slurry by mixing the cornstarch with water and whisk into sauce.

In another pan drizzle 1tbls Olive Oil and saute' shrimp not cooking all the way through for about 30 seconds to be exact then add cooked pasta, chicken, and broccoli and start laddling the alfredo sauce into the pan until you have enough sauce to serve the dish. Let it cook for about 10 minutes on medium heat covered or until chicken & broccoli are heated throughout. (tossing and checking frequently not to scorch the pasta) Sprinkle Lemon Zest and toss and serve.

Bolognese Sauce

1/2 Pk Thick Bacon Chopped (I used Black Pepper Bacon)

1lb Ground Beef/Turkey or a Mixture of Ground Beef & Ground Pork

1 Onion Diced

1 Carrot Diced

1 Celery Stalk Diced

2-3 tbls Minced Garlic (to taste)

2 tbls Olive Oil

1 1/2c White Wine (Dry)

1 c Milk

28 ozWhole Canned Tomatoes w/Juice

4 tbls Tomato Paste

1 tbls Italian Seasoning

1 Bay Leaf

S&P to taste

Finish off with Fresh Oregano

Method of Preparation

Heat pot and oil and brown the beef/turkey.

Next remove and add chopped bacon rendering the fat until bacon is crispy & remove with slotted spoon and set aside

Next add veggies and cook 5-7 minutes then add garlic and cook until fragrant another 2 min or so.

Next add white wine to deglaze and reduce by 1/2, then add meat, all spices & herbs, tomatoes, & tomato paste. Stir and cook for 5 minutes next add milk and cook for 2-2 1/2 hours(until meat is tender) We will cook for 45 minutes in class

Pasta Dough

1 1/2 c Semolina Flour

1 c All Purp/Bread Flour

4 eggs

1 tsp salt (Kosher/Fine Sea Salt)

1 1/2tbls Olive Oil

Method Of Prpearation

In a medium bowl add both flours and form a well in the center

In a small bowl add eggs, salt, and oil and whisk

Pour the egg mixture into the well (slowly) using your finger to go around the well in the flour incorporating the flour mixture gradually. Contiune this procedure until fully incorporated and your have a ball of dough.

Next roll out the dough on floured surface and kneed and roll into a smooth ball. Roll in plastic wrap and sit at room temp for 30 minutes

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